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The new album

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Rarely you get overwhelmed like on 'Nobody Understands' by Italian blues guitarist Manny Fizzotti, with such an authentic blues feeling” (ESC for Rootstime)

If you love blues and jazz, you’ll adore this one. If you’re a guitar player with aspirations, it’ll serve as a masterclass for you, too

(Marty Gunther – Blues Blast magazine)


The singing, playing and song writing is strong throughout

(Ben Macnair – “Blues Matters” magazine)


A satisfying and catchy work, which combines research, instrumental fluency and confident singing

(Edoardo “Catfish” Fassio – “Sweet Soul Music Award “ winner, “Rock and Blues International” magazine)


Fizzotti’s work on the six strings shines throughout

(Marty Gunther – Blues Blast magazine)

A real showcase of Manny Fizzotti’s abilities, a first-class collection that I strongly recommend

(Russ Cottee – “Blues in Britain” magazine)


Fizzotti’s material ranges from straight-ahead Chicago Blues to swing, a taste of Country and more – all of which is infused with a fluent, precise attack on the strings and plenty of class

(Marty Gunther – Blues Blast magazine)

"A finely crafted collection of songs"

(Ben Macnair – “Blues Matters” magazine)

Manny presents his new album where he shows he’s a versatile guitar player, able to develop with an expertise attractive way twelve firmly built songs, displayed with criteria, excellent technique, good taste and a passionate feeling

(Vincente Zumel – La Hora del Blues - Spain – Honoured with the “Keeping the Blues alive” Award by the Blues Foundation in Memphis)

Blues albums rely on many of the same ingredients, ranging from soulful vocals and solos, strong rhythms and good band performances, all of which feature throughout the whole of Nobody Understands

(Ben Macnair – “Blues Matters” magazine)




The album, also distributed on all digital platforms by Believe Music, has been reviewed in a very positive way on international magazines such as Rock and Blues International, "Blues Blast", Rootstime, “ La Hora del Blues ”, Blues Matters and “Blues in Britain”. It’s been broadcasted by radios all over Europe, South America and the USA and it’s been at N.17 on the UK Blues Radios Top 40!


It contains 9 original songs  and 3 covers and features special guests Giles Robson and Brendan O’ Neill on a few tracks.


The original compositions range from the Chicago blues shuffle style of “Crying Shame” to the jazz swing style of “Dodgy Dudes”, from the acoustic blues style of “Lockdow Blues” to the funky style of “She’s Gone”, from the fast country picking style of “Cowboys on the Run” to the slow blues style of “Nobody Understands”.


The 3 covers range from the solo rendition of Nat King Cole’sRoute 66”, to the John Coltrane’s jazz ballad Naima” and the country blues classicProdigal Son” .


Giles Robson, one of the top harmonica players on the scene, is a Memphis Blues Music Award Winner and first and only British or European blues artist to appear on Chicago’s legendary Alligator Records!


Brendan O’ Neill has been playing for ten years with Rory Gallagher, twenty years with Nine Below Zero and is now playing, besides with Manny Fizzotti, with Mud Morganfield (Muddy Waters’ son) and Slim Chance, the English band founded by the great late Ronnie Lane, who was also one of the founders of Small Faces and, with Rod Stewart, of Faces.



Manny Fizzotti - vocals, guitars, bass (1, 3, 4, 7, 9), banjo, mandolin, Hammond and piano

Luca Roffino - drums (except 2, 10)

Ben Heartland - double bass (2, 5, 10)

Costa Tancredi - double bass(12)

Felipe Amorim - drums (10)

Very special guests:

Giles Robson - harmonica (1, 4, 5)

Brendan O'Neill - drums (2)

All songs recorded by Manny Fizzotti and Luca Roffino except “Useless” Recorded by Vasilis Chatzis and Manny Fizzotti, “Cowboys on the Run” recorded by Felipe Amorim and Manny Fizzotti and “Crying Shame”, “Sliding Away” and Prodigal Son” recorded by Olly Rybarczuk, Manny Fizzotti and Luca Roffino.


Mixed and Mastered by Manny Fizzotti


Produced by Manny Fizzotti and Albino Barbero for ROCKHATTLEMUSIC Publishing


Photos and graphic layout by Marina Schiavinato

Distributed on all digital platforms by BELIEVE MUSIC


1. Crying Shame 3:49                        

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic               

 Featuring Giles Robson on harmonica


2. Useless 3:27                                    

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic               

Featuring Brendan O’ Neill on drums


3. Nobody Understands 5:09         

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic             

4. Sliding Away 3:00                         

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic               

Featuring Giles Robson on harmonica


5. Prodigal Son 4:16                         


Wynwood Music Company, Inc.     

Featuring Giles Robson on harmonica


6. Dodgy Dudes 4:10                       

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic               


7. She’s Gone 2:57                            

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic               


8. Lockdown Blues 3:18                   

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic


9. Turn me on 3:40                            

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic 


10. Cowboys on the Run 0:45         

(Fizzotti) RockHattleMusic               

11. Route 66 2:48                             

(Troup) Chappel-Morris Ltd

12. Naima 4:12                                 

(Coltrane) Jowcol, BMI                    

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