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Guitar Lessons

DBS checked


Graduated at the GUITAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Hollywood

Guitar teacher at CAMDEN MUSIC SERVICE

Former Guitar tutor at the BRITISH ACADEMY OF NEW MUSIC in London

Former Guitar teacher at HAVERSTOCK SCHOOL in London 

I've been teaching (private lessons, music schools and workshops) for more than 30 years now, doing transcriptions and interviews for two Italian guitar magazines (“Axe” and “Chitarre”) and in 2005 I recorded an educational DVD called “Playing in the style of Jimmy Page”, in which I analize the playing style of Led Zeppelin’s famous guitarist.

I’ve been playing professionally, touring big stadia and appearing in major TV shows, performing at major European festivals with my own blues band or my Jimi Hendrix Tribute band “Psychedelic Sunrise” and doing session work in recording studios in Italy, in Los Angeles and here in London.

In my Lessons I can cover styles such as Electric and Acoustic Blues, slide guitar, Rock'n'roll/Rockabilly, Classic Rock, Pop, Finger Style at any ability level (from beginners to advanced) showing you how to play the songs you like and addressing topics such as bending, vibrato, hammer on /pull off, acoustic guitar strumming, how to read Guitar Tablature or the Notes on the Staff , Music Theory and so on.

I can help you taking TRINITY ROCK&POP Grades.

I can also teach you how to use effects and pedals and to get the right sound from your guitar and amplifier to suit any particular kind of music.

My rates are:

ONLINE: one hour £32 - one hour and 30 minutes £42
AT MY PLACE: one hour £32 - one hour and 30 minutes £42
AT YOUR PLACE: one hour £50

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